1. Whole Summer's Fun French Family Puppet Theatre: Anatole's Little Saucepan
    1. Performance Time:2017/8/31-9/1 (Thu.-Fri.) 7:30pm 2017/9/2-9/3 (Sat.-Sun.) 10:00am/3:00pm/7:30pm
      Performance Venue:Experimental Theatre
  • Performance Time: 2017-8-31 19:30:00 2017-9-1 19:30:00 2017-9-2 10:00:00 2017-9-2 15:00:00 2017-9-2 19:30:00 2017-9-3 10:00:00
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  • Let’s meet Anatole - warm-hearted, sensitive and gentle. Anatole is always dragging around his little saucepan. It fell on him one day and nobody really knows why. Since then, it gets stuck everywhere and it keeps him from going forward. Anatole feels so depressed and miserable until something beautiful happened….. Adapted from French author Isabelle Carrier’s award winning picture book, Anatole’s Little Saucepan brings you through a child’s mental journey of dealing with something unbearable in his life – the saucepan attached to his arm.

    From seeing it as a dragging burden that he tries so hard to get rid of, to knowing how to live with it in harmony, and to finally transcending it to something to be proud of….  It is suitable for any children above the age of 4, and it explains in depth how one's shortcomings can be transformed into advantages.


    Anatole’s Little Saucepan is a pure moment of poetry and tenderness, full of humor. By using only images, music and dances, the performance is handled with great delicacy to convey a universal message full of emotion – an ode to accepting other people’s differences that will appeal to old and young alike. Back in 2015, this inspiring story was also adapted into an animation short film, directed by Eric Montchaud. The film was nominated in the category of Best Animated Short Film for the prestigious César 2015 film awards.


    If you go to watch the show, you will be able to see a specially authorized version of this film in its full length!


    Don’t miss out! Everyone may have his own “saucepan”. But whatever size of a saucepan you have, with a positive attitude of life, eventually you will comprehend your own imperfections and start to live with and even make good things out of it.

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