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  • Outstanding stage performing art has been the essence of civilization since ancient times. And well-known cities are always proud of their theatres. This May, Guangzhou Opera House comes to its two years birthday. As the dean of GOH, I feel grateful and cheerful to share our proud and dream with all staff.
    As one of the three national opera houses, Guangzhou Opera House’s brand new administration style pushes it to the forefront of cultural reforms. Guided by the spirit of the CPC’s Sixth Plenary Session and supported by Ministry of Culture, we position GOH as ‘Based on the Pearl River Delta, covering Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and reaching as far as Southeast Asia’. We endeavor to explore the new model of theatre management and strive to make GOH an art palace of
    southern China.
    Since its opening, more than 600 superb performances have been staged at GOH. A long list of world renowned maestros and musicians signed as our contract artists. Last year, the classic musical Mamamia in Chinese version came to Guangzhou as the first destination of its China tour. This year, we will present the Chinese version of musical Cats. After two years hard working, Guangzhou has achieved to be one of the top 3 performing art cities, and is striving for its ambitious desire—‘make China the stage of the world, make the world stage for China’.
    There is still a long way for GOH to go. With my sincere wish, I hope it become not only an outstanding architecture, but also a treasure of Chinese culture and spirit, an international stage which can create cultural dreams and art miracles!
                     by Zhang Yu - the President of Guanghzou Opera House at The 2nd Anniversary Celebration
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