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  • Guangzhou Opera House, the landmark of Guangzhou, was designed by Zaha Hadid and Dr. Harold Marshall.The asymmetric structure achieved the perfect effect. Thanks to Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou citizens are finally able to enjoy great music shows without flying to distant Beijing or Shanghai.
    Building the Brand
    Looking back to the past two years, Guangzhou Opera House had successfully held more than 600 shows. 2011, GOH has planned and conducted four influential performance seasons—“Guangzhou International Arts Festival”, “Arts Focus-Canton/HK/Macao/Taiwan”, “New Year’s Season” and “GOH Anniversary Celebration”.
    Splendid Opera of the Year
    One opera each year becomes the most expecting show. In the year 2010, Turandot, as the opening ceremony performance, first rocked the Guangzhou audiences. In the year 2011, GOH developed a partnership with Rome Opera House, brought back Tosca in its own version to Guangzhou.
    In 2012, Guangzhou Opera House will still follow the coorperative way, only expanding the cooperative partners from one to three - New York Metropolitan Opera House, British National Opera House, and Opera House Lithuania. Directed by Anthony Minghella, Madama Butterfly will be on GOH’s stage in September.
    Guangzhou Arts Festival
    From Sep. to Nov. in 2011, Guangzhou Opera House conducted the First Guangzhou Arts Festival with a triumph. GOH invited 9 first-class performance groups to present 43 quality shows.
    This year, Madama Butterfly, as the opera of the year, will ignite the Second Guangzhou Arts Festival. Besides this, you won’t miss the famous musical Cats, Yang Liping’s dance drama Peocock and a long list of superb performances.
    A fabulous architect with high-standard performances will surely make Guangzhou Opera House a stage of the world.


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