• Opera Hall
  • Designed by Sir. Harold Marshall, the unique acoustic designer from Australia, the “encircling”auditorium not only continues asymmetrical streamline design of Ms. Zaha Hadid, but also realizes 1.6 sec. reverberation and perfect acoustic effect of auditorium with equal sound effects in the 1804 seats (including 117 in the pit).
    The stage of the Opera Hall consists of the main stage, left wing, right wing and the rear stage, which as a whole is 74m in length and 46m in width at maximum, with a proscenium 18m wide and 12m high. The trap room machinery system includes 6 stage lifts, 6 wagons on each of the wings, a turn table at the rear stage and an orchestra pit lift in front of the proscenium. Assisting stage lifts are installed between the main stage and the wagon under which compensating lifts are located. Besides, a front assisting lift and a rear assisting lift are set at the two sides of the stage and there are 6 compensating lifts under the turn table. There are two levels of decks and on one of them there is a ballet wood sprung floor. The electronic fly system includes scenery battens, lighting battens, acoustic shell, show portal, fire curtains, single point hoists. The lighting system in the Opera Hall consists of light console, networking transmission, lighting fixtures, dimmer, cables and etc. And the sound system in the Opera Hall features PA, fold back and side fill.
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