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    1. 【媒体报道】“蝴蝶夫人”长夜咏叹撼羊城

      9月21日,普契尼的不朽名作《蝴蝶夫人》终于揭开了神秘面纱,登陆广州大剧院,与广州的众多音乐、歌剧爱好者见面。此番在广州上演的明格拉版本 《蝴蝶夫人》,是此版本在亚洲的首演。当晚,著名女高音歌唱家和慧,携手法比欧·萨多利、卡洛·斯楚利等著名歌剧演员,为广州观众带来了一场最顶尖的世界 级的歌剧演出。演出中,震撼人心的歌声、美轮美奂的舞台布景、感人肺腑的剧情不时掀起高潮,掌声、喝彩声不断。

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    1. Chinese Gem That Elevates Its Setting

      GUANGZHOU, China — It says something about the state of architecture today that the most alluring opera house built anywhere in the world in decades is in a generic new business district at the outer edge of this city, has no resident company and a second-rate program.

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    1. China’s Mandarin Mamma Mia!

      Now Mamma Mia! has arrived in China – the first time that a Broadway-quality western musical has been performed in the language of the world’s most populous nation. Classics such as “Money, Money, Money” are sung entirely in Chinese (apart from the word “money”, which apparently needs no translation). A Chinese cast sings songs in Chinese in a show staged by a Chinese production company that is the commercial arm of the Ministry of Culture.

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