1. Ladysmith Black Mambazo Singing For Peace Around The World
    1. Performance Time:2015/8/10 (Mon.) 8pm
      Performance Venue:Opera Hall
      Price:80 180 280 380 480VIP
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  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo was founded in the early 1960s by Joseph Shabalala. Ladysmith is the name of Joseph’s hometown; Black being a reference to the oxen, the strongest of all farm animals; and Mambazo, the Zulu word for chopping axe, a symbol of the group’s ability to “chop down” any singing rival who might challenge them.

    A radio broadcast in 1970 opened the door to their first record contract – the beginning of an ambitious discography that currently includes more than fifty recordings, fifteen Grammy Award nominations and those four Grammy Award statues. Their philosophy in the studio is as much about preservation of musical heritage as it is about entertainment.

    Apartheid, the South African social system forced upon the country’s black majority to keep the white minority government in power, was a dividing force in many ways. The musicians and artists of South Africa took two paths of resistance. Some sang songs with powerful messages of revolution against the horrors of apartheid. Others, like Ladysmith Black Mambazo, followed a path of peaceful protest. Joseph Shabalala, following the ways of protest that Martin Luther King Jr used in the USA, wrote songs of hope and a better tomorrow. When Nelson Mandela was released from prison, in 1990, he named Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s singing as one of the powerful messages of peace he listened to while in jail. In fact, when Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 he brought Ladysmith Black Mambazo with him to Oslo Norway to receive his award. 

    Ladysmith Black Mambazo carries a message of Peace, Love and Harmony as they travel the world year after year. They bring this message, in song and dance, to every theater they perform in. We hope you will join them as they sing their message.
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