1. Whole Summer’s Fun Dance Drama: MIRAVELLA by Compagnie ACT2
    1. Performance Time:2017/7/21 (Fri.) 8:00pm;7/22 (Sat.) 3:00pm, 8:00pm;7/23 (Sun
      Performance Venue:Experimental Theatre
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  • Performance Duration: 52min
    In the beginning, life in its simplest form, cellular, organic. Within fragile bubbles the firstmovements take form and evolve in a deep sea-scape. Bodies shed their chrysalis and the animalkingdom is born.
    Outside their cocoons, they crawl, skip, sniff around, snuggle or confront each other. A delightful bestiary comes to life: under water organisms create a ballet of light, sea lionsundulate, wings flutter, lovers parade, cocks fight, love-birds coo…
    With MIRAVELLA, her second opus for children, Catherine Dreyfus transports us into a primitive world where the movements and forms take us back to our origins to explore the animal within. In this piece dance is tangible, vibrant, rhythmic, colourful, inviting us on a journey to the edge of a surreal, poetic and wonderfully imaginative world.
    After pursuing a career as a dancer for various choreographers (including Odile Duboc, Simone Sandroni, Nathalie Pernette, Alain Imbert, Micha Purucker and Sosana Marcelino) and working on joint projects with Les Pas Nommés, Catherine Dreyfus created her own dance company, the Compagnie Act2, in 2008.
    For Catherine Dreyfus, dance is a vehicle for emotions and reflection. It stimulates observation and questioning, allowing her to portray the world around us through her unique dreamlike language. It reveals an organic approach to things that gives free rein to the imagination and allows viewers to form their own interpretations.
    Catherine Dreyfus likes to bring the body in contact with physical objects and materials. Stage design therefore plays a fundamental role, with the set considered as a performer and an essential partner serving the dance.
    Musicality, poetry and fluidity are the ingredients of her universe marked by a surrealist approach tinged with irony. The works she presents are delicate, effervescent and invigorating.
    Catherine Dreyfus has created four dance performances with the Compagnie ACT2:
    Miravella – 2014. A trio for young audiences in 2 versions – for 3+ years old and 6+ years old
    Parcours Chorégraphique – 2013. An ephemeral piece performed on any surface composed of several freely combinable modules (2 duos, 1 trio and 1 quintet)
    Et si j’étais moi ! – 2010. Trio for audiences aged 6 and over (more than 200 presentations in France and abroad)
    Éloge de la Métamorphose – 2012. This quintet is now included in the company’s repertoire
    From the conceptual stage to completion, Catherine Dreyfus’ work is fuelled by her contact with audiences. These exchanges continue during the presentation of performances. The company offers an extensive programme aimed at building awareness of dance (meetings with performers, open rehearsals, workshops in schools, performing arts colleges and for families), as well as professional training courses.
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