Life is like a play, contrary, the same. But Lai Shengchuan once said, reality is more absurdity than drama. Life is full of dramaticism, that the dramatists bring it on the stage, discuss with the audiences about love, freedom, humanity, and the society we live in , satirize the social injustice and praise the goodliness. An outstanding drama can show us the truth of our life from the fictions, making us have boiling passion, or to think calmly.
Once performed in Guangzhou Opera House, the Lai’s comedy such as Menage a 13, Two Dog’s Life and other wonderful dramas, always makes us feel that the exaggerated performance is just a signboard, and the characters in the drama are the reflection of ourselves.
Drama Menage a 13
Rediculous Dinner
Edward Lam Dance Theatre Grand Expectations
Drama The Life Attitude of Two Dogs

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